As an official partner of airable, SoundCertificate acts as single point of contact for all Airable certifications.
We handle the whole certification process for you.
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About Airable

“Airable is a service for all companies that’d love to have internet media on their products. No matter if for AV systems, radio devices, cars, airplanes, trains, ships, space stations, websites or apps – airable is the service that gives access to internet radio, audio on demand shows, videos and TV shows or 3rd party music content….all worldwide and customized to the needs of your clients and your products. That’s why airable is a white label Internet-Media-Service focused on your products, your clients – on your brand.airable is …

  • … White label catalogue and service
  • … Customized to your clients and products needs
  • … Tailored to your sales region and strategy
  • … Worldwide license free content
  • … Meeting customers’ changing media consumption demands

Airable is the key to address the changes in media consumption. Consumers will watch and listen to radio, video, TV whenever they want and wherever they like. Airable enables them to do so.”

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